Jefferson National Memorial Parkway North Gateway Project


The North Gateway is a seven acre park that will be a vibrant area of Jefferson National Expansion Memorial that will connect to the Eads Bridge, Laclede’s Landing, Washington Avenue and neighborhoods surrounding the Arch grounds to the north. Included will be an explorers’ garden, an elevated walkway with views of the Mississippi River and the surrounding park, a natural amphitheater, and bicycle paths.

The old Arch garage has been replaced with 7.5 acres of new park area that includes a natural amphitheater area, shaded lawns, a bike and pedestrian path, the Explorers’ Garden (a landscape designed for children to play and learn), diverse and interesting plantings, and a scenic raised walkway from 1st St. at the Eads Bridge to the North Overlook on the Arch grounds. This area will provide pedestrian access from Laclede’s Landing, through the park, all the way to the Arch.
This project included selective demolition and removal of existing furnishings, pavement, utilities, trees, shrubs, lawns, soils, roads and demolition and removal of the existing parking garage. Installation/construction; utilities, storm water conveyance, earthwork, grading, walls, pavement, elevated walkway, planting soils, soil amendments, erosion control and slope stabilization, trees, shrubs, groundcovers, lawns, irrigation, furnishings, security measures, light fixtures, curbs, roads, ramps and stairs