McNutt Hall HVAC Renovation


The project consists of demolition and/or removal of and the installing of HVAC equipment in Lab and ceiling areas:

MECH – Plumbing, HVAC, Fire Protection: fume hoods, countertops and cabinets; exhaust fans and ductwork; supply ductwork and insulation; controls; demo existing stacks, construct new plenums, stacks and ductwork; remove existing and install new air handling unit piping; construct new housekeeping and exhaust fan concrete pads; remove/replace ceiling panels in lab and corridor areas; remove Halon system and install new sprinkler system; demo fan coil units and piping; air valves; HVAC ductwork, diffusers, registers and grills; testing and balancing; ELECT: Occupancy sensors; lightning protection; conduit, wire, switches, boxes.