Straumanis Hall Renovation Project


Each level of Straumanis Hall received miscellaneous improvements that addressed life-safety issues, improved building usage and efficiency, as well as occupant comfort and convenience. While the majority of improvements were focused on the first, second, and third floors, the ground floor received two new door openings that address an egress violation from the Annealing Furnace / High Temperature Lab, a relocated Elevator Equipment Room, a new Data Room, a new Unisex Toilet, and a dedicated Electrical Equipment Room.

Improvements to the first, second, and third floor consisted of a new toilet core, that accommodated appropriate toilet facilities for men and women, and modifications to the building corridor in order to connect Stair #1 and Stair #2. The new corridor arrangement provides the building with a code compliant means of egress from all laboratories, offices, and support spaces. Because of the reconfiguration of the building corridor, several laboratory spaces were impacted and required new separation partitions and in some cases, required modifications to existing casework or the addition of new casework. Other improvements identified for the first floor included development of two new faculty offices, reconfiguration of the Main Office, Director’s Office, Conference Room, and relocation of the Record Storage room from the ground floor.